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    Jacques D Walker

    My Scout Camp has an old Hobie Holder 12 – actually in good condition. I have the owner’s manual and parts catalog. However, Hobie no longer supports this sailboat. Can anyone provide information on parts for this sailboat? Currently, I am looking for replacement battens. While the manual says 2 18″ and 1 24’, it provides no other dimensions.

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    The size of the battens depends upon the size of the batten pockets, and they can vary considerably. If you don’t have the sail at hand to measure how wide the pocket is, it might be best to call the sailmaker


    Mine are just over 1/2″ wide, about 1/8″ thick. They’re super loose in the pockets, which are an inch wide or so. I’m assuming mine are original, but I bought the boat used, like 30 years ago 🙂 so I can’t be sure.

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