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    Hello all, my name is John, but everybody calls me JJ. I have been wanting to buy a sailboat for a few years now and have found a Hunter 31 / 1985 for a good price. It has a good engine and sails and I’m going to contact an inspector to go and take a look at it for me. Is there anything I should ask him to look at closely for me? I saw in the pics a few small stains on the wall carpeting so I’m guessing there some small leaks around the incoming vhf and GPS cables and other things that need to be rebedded on the outside. From all the pics the inside is in very good shape but will need updating on a few of the electronics. If anyone has suggestions on free apps that can help me learn about weather, wind, radar, nav aids or anything to help me with it sure would be appreciated. One of my rides.


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    IMG 1724PaulK

    People usually pay a surveyor for an inspection after the seller accepts their offer on a boat. The best thing you can do is go with him (or her) for the survey. You can listen to their observations and learn a lot. Ask them questions and learn more.

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