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    I have a 19’ Fuzzy Specialties Lightning class boat with sail number 14423. The HIN is missing from the transom and the title indicates it’s a 95. But manufacturing stopped in 93. The last two digits of the HIN on the title is 87. Dores anyone know where the other HIN maybe located on the boat. I think I have looked or removed every piece of hardware looking for it but to no avail. Nay help would be greatly appreciated. Is there any way to look it up through the sail number…the number is also stamped in the centerboard trunk

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    If you have a title with a HIN number, use that, and don’t lose it. Why are you questioning it? Your state calls for a title, and you have one. The state motor vehicle department – or whatever department handles boat registration – may have made up the HIN number for their own reasons when the previous owner showed up in 1995 to register the boat for the first time. Who knows? For racing, the Lightning Class Association does not care what the HIN number is. They go by the sail number, which you say is also on the centerboard trunk. If you’re still hung up about it, write the HIN number from your title on the underside of the foredeck in black sharpie letters 2″ high. Go sailing and don’t worry about it.

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