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    Donald A Griffin

    Ever endeavoring to bring new information to you,

    A member of out group in the UK posted a photo of a twin keel Legend I have identified as the Legend 356 also made by Hunter in the UK.

    Taken from https://yachtsnet.co.uk/archives/hunter-legend-356/legend-356.htm

    “Introduced in 2001, the Hunter Legend 356 was designed by Glenn Henderson as a bigger and substantially more spacious replacement for the long-running Hunter 340. Originally built only in the USA, Luhrs opened a factory in Portland, Dorset, and built some boats there.

    The design has a modern, beamy hull with a choice of keels, including on UK-built and finished boats, twin bilge keels. The rig is a Bergstrom sloop, with swept-back spreaders, fixed rods supporting the lower mast and no backstay. Although the lack of a backstay worries many people, in practice these rigs simply do not fall down any more than on conventionally rigged cruising boats. In the USA many of these boats are supplied with in-mast furling mains, but most UK boats have a large fully-battened mainsail, as shown on the plan at left. Most UK boats also appear to have saildrives instead of shaft drive props.”

    Knowing your site is always looking for more information on the boats made worldwide, I thought you should know.

    Donald “Adam” Griffin
    Founder, Elected Ambassador, and Administrator Hunter Sailboat Owners Under 30’
    Member Legend Owners Association of the UK
    Member Hunter Association of the UK
    Member Hunter Sailing Association Station #1 of the Chesapeake Bay/Baltimore area

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    Hi Adam, Thanks for your post. I’ve added a comment in the Notes section of the Hunter 356 to indicate the boat was sold in the UK as the Hunter Legend 356, and available with twin bilge keels.

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