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    Cliff Schroeder

    Anybody know of a way to get a little better performance out of the cape Hood 30 it has a displacement length ratio of 508 and a # s of .67

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    Looks like a typical CCA type from the early 70’s. Long overhangs, short waterline. Big genoa. Attached rudder on modified full keel. Heavy. Pretty, but not fast. New sails might help. Less expensive options would be to make sure the bottom is smooth and clean. We have our antifouled bottom cleaned by a diver every two weeks. If you have a two-bladed fixed prop make sure it gets lined up vertically in the aperture when you shut down the engine, or get a folding prop instead. Offload as much cruising gear as possible – especially from the ends of the boat. This includes cushions. Move the anchor and chain to midships if you can. (Lash the anchor to the table leg.) Are the water tanks full? Fuel? Why? Is there a main traveler that goes across the whole cockpit? Using the traveler to keep the main from getting backwinded by the jib might be good. Make sure it has an easily adjustable car. Can you adjust the backstay? Tightening it up to get the forestay tighter might help with upwind legs. Release it going downwind. Practice tacks and maneuvers with the crew. One bad tack can hurt race results more than some of these ideas will improve them.

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