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    Andrew Leggett

    I am new to this site. I stumbled across it as I was looking for information on my new-to-me Streuer-designed 34ft Orion masthead sloop. According to the original drawing that I found among the papers on her, she was designed in 1976 but not built until 1984/5 (in Germany, but I haven’t discovered which boatyard). The little I have discovered is that around that time Herr Streuer also designed the Sirius 31, the Orion 33, and the Phantom series (28, 29, 30, and 34). I have found no mention of an Orion 34, but did read that the Phantom 34 was based on the Orion 33 hull, but with a Phantom-style cover shell.
    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone out there has any additional information on my boat and/or sister-ships. I am currently in the process of refurbishing her with a view to taking her back across the Atlantic to Europe (she’s currently in Florida).

    Many thanks,


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