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    Glen Coombe

    If you are here researching Irwin sailboats I’d like to let you know of our private Irwin Sailboats forum on Facebook.
    We’re approximately 1500 members deep at this time. And you’ll find our group a breath of fresh air from so many groups. There’s no politics, no squabbles and simply a great group of owners ready to share information on an Irwin subject you are searching.
    Please note that you will be required to answer a qualifying question, “What is your interest in Irwin Sailboats?” Once answered a moderator will admit you. (Most likely yours truly)
    See you onboard!


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    Nick James

    Hi Glen

    Would like to join your forum re Irwin yachts



    Glen Coombe

    Nick, thanks for your message via Sailboat Data.

    Please go to Facebook and then search Irwin Sailboats. You’ll find 2 groups, 1. Irwin Sailboats 2. Irwin Sailboats Selling Group. The first group is where you should join first as it is our main effort with 1500 members. Once admitted you are automatically able to join the smaller selling group.

    I look forward to seeing you there.

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