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    Hi there ! I saw the Gibsea 372, and really liked:

    • The stepped stern
    • Helm
    • Two double berths in the bow
    • U-shaped saloon
    • Separate chart seat/table
    • Kitchen overlooking saloon
    • Toilet+Shower Cabin
    • Flat Hull shape allowing for some planing
    • Long mast relative to boat length
    • GRP

    But I slightly weary about a single fin keel. I know single keels are better performance and all that, but in muddy places like there are plenty in britain, its nice to have a twinkeel or bilge keel or lift keel.

    Are there any boats in the 35feet+ range, with the above description, just like the Gib Sea 372, designed/built after 1980 but before 2000 (to avoid the expensive new range of boats), but with a twinkeel or bilge keel or lift keel that I wasnt aware about?

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    Hi. If you have not already done so, we’d recommend going into the Compare tab on Sailboatdata.com and then select Refine Search to narrow your parameters. To fine boats with adjustable keels, put a low number in the Draft Under box, leaving the Draft Over box empty. Something like 3 ft / 0.9m. That will pretty much default to adjustable keels.


    @bruce_sailboatdata: That is indeed a very good suggestion, which I just tried out !

    Indeed, it brings up some interesting boats. All of them are not quite matching with my criteria up this topic, which is interesting to note. The gibseas seem to have been ahead of their time.

    Suggestions still welcome !

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