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    Donald A Griffin

    That description not the correct model number. The boat is a Marlow Hunter 22. Nowhere on the boat or in the documentation or the Hull ID of this boat will you find the term “Hunter 22-2”. There is no such thing as that boat being a “Hunter 22-2” It is actually a “Marlow Hunter 2010 model of the 22” designed by, Glenn Henderson and Steve Pettengill.

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    While what you are saying is accurate for 22’s built after 2012, here are our thoughts…

    Marlow purchased Hunter Marine in 2012 and changed the company name to Marlow-Hunter at that time. The new version 22 was launched in 2010, two years before, and was simply called the Hunter 22. As we can not give two records the same name, we added the -2 designation to differentiate the new version form the original 22 launched in 1981.

    Changing the name of records years after they are created is problematic as it will effect search engine results as well as bookmarks which will cease to work. For this reason we only do it when absolutely necessary.

    As the original name of the 2010 model was Hunter 22, not Marlow-Hunter 22, we feel the best solution in this case is to leave the record as it is. We are confident, in doing so, anyone looking for this record will still be able to find it with minimal effort. We hope you agree.

    Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate your input.

    Kind regards.

    David Harlock avatar 1681692420David Harlock

    As Shakespeare would have said, “Much ado about nothing”. The complaint and the considered response were interesting to read. Sailboat data offers priceless facts and figures and is superb reference for prospective purchasers. The odd anomaly is extremely rare and I applaud this site’s diligence in producing exceptional reference. I’m searching for a bigger sailboat and I’m regularly checking ballast / displacement ratios.
    I think Bruce’s qualified response to cptstarz’s understandable observation was great reading.

    Donald A Griffin

    Oh, I agree alright, and understand this issues the controversy that surrounds this vessel redesign. For members of the Hunter 22 and 2010-22 Owners Group We recognize that members have posted complaints as follows “It has been a real struggle for those of us that race, thanks to Hunter Marine/Marlow Hunter tace-over, who before the bankruptcy had every intent to make this a class/one design boat. We have had MANY conversations with the Portsmouth committee at US Sailing and after submitting MUCH data, we have a Provisional Handicap document specific to our boat. Unfortunately, PHRF committees are swayed by the desire of their “home court advantage” to refuse to rate our boat anything other than the same as a Santana 20 or a Hunter 216; both which have ENTIRELY different handicapping data. As a well-seasoned racing sailor told me, “you’ve lost the race before you get the boat off the trailer” because of the way the PHRF committees rate us. It is so bad, we have trouble getting competitive competent, competitive crew.” Myself I have sailed all the models mentioned above and own the 85 Hunter Marine 22 and all of them do not come even close to being the same animal. I am thankful for Sailboat Data keeping both models separated and understand that in this instance a “-2” in instances where builders name 2 different vessels by their LOA instead of making a new designation. My post is more of a statement of fact than a complaint made by a blast from a disgruntaled member. Thank you for your time and timely responce.


    Quick update:
    I’ve added a note in the Hunter 22-2 record indicating it is a complete redesign of the 1981 H22 and now called the Marlow-Hunter 22.
    I’ve also added a link to your new owner’s association.
    Hope this helps.

    Donald A Griffin

    Thanks Bruce! I have always supported Sailboat Data as our goto quick reference and we the crew of the Under 30 always will.

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