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    we have an Puma 38s. As I don`t find much information about her on the net, I am starting this topic with the hope that other 38s owners can gather and discuss matters about the Puma 38s.

    Our has aredy circumnavigated the Globe, equipped with 600w solar panels, a Katadyn water maker…

    Very best regards!

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    Hello holovatz. If I may… you might want to go to the Puma 38s record page on our site (https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/puma-38-s), scroll to the bottom and select the New Topic link. That way anyone who goes to that record page but not the forum, might see that a topic has been created. We think it will increase your chances of connecting with other Puma 38s owners.
    Just a thought.



    Done. I created a new thread under the Puma 38s data. May I ask you – if You are an admin – to delete this current thread?

    Best regards,

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