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    Jimmy Mac

    There is an M30 on eBay that is in fair structural shape except the centerboard cable is “broken”. I have refitted a few sailboats and would like to save this classic. anyone have any knowledge, insight, visions, or dreams about the centerboard lift mechanism, cable, pivot, weight, material, or any other hints or suggestions as to how to get the centerboard up and secure. I want to get her motored to a boatyard for haul out and repair. She is in the water moored by a private residence on an inlet to the Chesapeake Bay. I have repaired/restored several swing keels on Catalina 22s and 25s. Sailboatdata diagrams appear the centerboard is like these swing keels. Mounted in a slot in the 3/4 keel, with the pivot on the forward end. She draws a little over 7 feet down. So I am assuming it will need to be lifted to get the boat moved and to dry dock. It is a little cold to dive down under her for a visual inspection but doable. Any pointers on how to jury rig a lift cable to get the board up? Or other info on the board, like weight, material etc. Any pointers doing this type of dive? thanks, Jim

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    Can the boat be moved & hoisted with the board down? Would save a cold wet dive, and the board could be inspected & lifted in the hoist. Yards haul boats with more than 7’ draft keels all the time.

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