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    William O

    I have a marine salvage yard located on Long Island in NY. I routinely dismantle sailboats for parts and scrap. Is their any place where their is a classified section on this sit? Most recently I pulled apart an Islander 36 1972. https://youtu.be/rfTQE1IKS6Y
    I’ve been coming to this site for years just to get specs for boats particularly to find out what keels are made of and the weight of the ballast since we recycle the lead, as well as the displacement, beam, draft, etc. The info is awesome here
    We have salvaged well over 100 sailboats in the last 2 years and still going. I didn’t want to put a link to our site because I don’t want to be spammy.

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    Thomas LeGros

    Need a mast for a Islander 40 MS

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