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    Has anyone had issues with this Rock Hall Maryland rigger completing work?

    He took our mast down from our Pearson 323 on May 5 2021 with the promise that he would complete work by the end of July 2021. At the end of June he bought Lankford Bay Marina. He failed to complete the work, and would text us that it would be two more weeks repeatedly. By November he texted that the only way he could complete the work would be if he moved the boat to his new marina. He said he was too busy to rent a crane to step the mast at Swan Creek Marina. He moved the boat from Swan Creek to Lankford Bay.

    He periodically will answer a text to state that the work will be done in two weeks. The last text response he sent us stated it would be in the water on May 11 2022.
    He hasn’t answered the voicemails that I have left at Lankford Bay Marina. I’ve left messages with his secretary/ office clerk 12 times as well. Each time he is there but won’t come to the phone.
    Our Marina owner has gone to him twice to ask him to complete the work. He stated he would and still hasn’t.
    None of us understand what is going on. The last response about money from him was an acknowledgement that we were at a credit of 300 dollars in cash he was given.
    He hasn’t asked for money since, hasn’t moved to finish the work. It’s bizarre.
    Any insight from others? Last summer we saw two masts for other boats completed. We couldn’t figure out why their work got done but ours hasn’t.

    I’m stating facts, not our opinion about his business, or remarks on reputation.

    Has anyone had experience with Mike Sipala in the past few years that can offer some insight into what we can do to get our rigging finished? It has been 60 Weeks since he took our mast. Help!! We are at a loss for explanation or what to do next.

    I promise to update this post when anything resolved.

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