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    Jesse brazzell

    I have a 69 28’ Columbia that the keel bolts are looking pretty bad .i believe my keel is iron and im wondering what size of all thread to use to sister in some new bolts and how long they should be ? If I should use an epoxy when threading them into the newly drilled holes ? And can all this be done while the boat is floating?

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    IMG 1724PaulK

    With the boat afloat, what will you do if, when you start drilling down into the bilge for the new bolt holes, water starts coming in? The keel/hull joint may not be watertight along its whole length. Even if the pumps can keep up with it, getting the new holes wet will not be helpful.
    For threading, why not match the originals? They’ve held up for 50 years. Gooping them up with epoxy is probably a good idea, as would be putting some sealant in at the keel/hull joint to make sure the water stays out.

    Mark Ayers

    Jbon, in my opinion, I would not do this in the water. As Psk125 commented, if you start drilling and get some water ingress, you may be in for a real headache. If the original bolts look that bad, I would haul out and replace the original bolts. (yes you will probably need to drop the keel for this process)I’m not aware of Columbia’s build, but the hull may be reinforced where the original bolts are and not as sturdy elsewhere. When completed, not only will you have new bolts, piece of mind, but also a good hull to keel joint.

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