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    Matt Foster

    It’s amazing to think about the comfort ratio of this boat! It’s in the 50s. When we were shopping Cadence, our Catalina 387, anything over a comfort ratio above 30 was good.

    Whats the highest number on the comfort ratio?

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    Hello Matt, In our database, we have 88 boats with CR’s over 50. Some older boats, late 1800’s, early 1900’s , were really heavy and have CR’s over 70 (only 5 in our database that high).

    Billy Oram

    Hi there, Matt2. I did a little searching and found 33 boats with a Comfort ratio of over 55. The majority were in the 50’s but here are some of them
    10-20ft. 5.6kr-1. C/R 258.51
    21-30ft. 2 boats. Belfast Lough. C/R 74.54
    31-40ft. 6 boats. Belfast Lough. C/R 81.31
    41-50ft. 8 boats. Eastwind 44. C/R 118.37
    51-60ft. 7 boats. Seawanhaka Schooner. C/R 76.74
    61-70ft. 3 boats. Scorpio 72. C/R 69.35
    71-131ft. 7 boats. Jongert 20S. C/R 68.88. The Mayflower has been placed in the grip at 100.90!!!
    I just went back over my research can not find the first boat so I might have made a mistake there.


    thanks for the awesome information.


    thanks my issue has been fixed.

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