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    Allan Patton

    Greetings. Hope everyone is well in a time when a virus is upsetting the planet.

    My question is: what does the S# at the bottom of the sailboat specification represent. I have done my goggle searches but cannot find reference to this spec. My guess was a stability figure but the corresponding value doesn’t mean anything without a chart.

    Than you for clearing this up.

    Take care.

    Allan Patton
    Alcova Wyoming

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    Hello Allan,

    The answer to your question can be found by clicking on “Definitions” in the upper right side of the Sailboat Calculations box.

    Dennis Gildea

    I believe it’s a stability ratio


    It’s not related to stability. It’s a formula created in 1988 to compare speed between boats of similar size. Generally, the higher the S# the lower the PHRF.

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