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    A Murphy

    Hi – seeking a transom mount ladder for 1973 C&C 25’ in GHTA (ON) as portable rope type no longer suits; we have an outboard motor, so only have 12″ width available beside the rudder. Want to be able to access folding it down from in the water should we fall off. Features best to have? Treads vs. round rungs? Grade of stainless steel? Thanks – launching in a week

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    Paul Jeeves

    Do you have a photo or diagram of the transom? I can’t recall how the transom is designed – meaning, does it slope vertically downward from the deck and aft, or vertically upward from the water line and aft. Or is simply it vertical with no slope.


    I am also looking for a new transom ladder. Did you find one? Mine needs to be 14″ wide. Morgan 44 CC 1991

    IMG 1724PaulK

    Google is your friend: https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=transom+ladders&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
    We replaced ours with a telescoping one that fits flat on our sugar-scoop, but flips down and extends. It can be deployed by someone in the water, if necessary. Much better looking and safer than the folding unit that was fastened up at the taffrail.

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