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    Getting different advice from different dealers, distributors about the appropriate size diesel engine to replace an Atomic Four original engine. Some say that matching “average” Atomic Four hp output is best way. Atomic Four generated about 14 hp at 2400 rpm while Kuobta Beta 14 generates about 14.9 at same rpm. Others say to use formula of four hp per tonne of boat weight. San Juan weighs about 4.5 tonnes,including ballast. By that measure, motor should put out about 17 hp. Cost difference would be about $2000 Cdn. Who is right?

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    My two cents… This seems a little subjective. If you were happy with your old engines power, pushing the boat against current, wind, waves, whatever, I would think you’d be satisfied with the 14.9 hp. If there were times you wished you had a more powerful engine, maybe now is the time to get one?

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