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    I couldn’t find any info on the height of the mast for the Excalibur 36. As a consequence I climbed the mast and did a measurement myself. I found the height of the mast from the deck to the top of the mast to be:
    13metres or 42ft 6 inches. I measured a further 4ft 2 inches from the water to the base of the mast.
    Total height above water I found to be 46ft 8 inches. Add to that any lights and aerials fitted at the top of the mast. In my case, another 3 ft to take into account an aerial and tri-colour light. That gives me a total of 49ft 8 inches above water level. 50ft total for good measure (15.24 metres). I hope this info helps other Excalibur 36 owners.

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    Thanks! We added your information to the Notes section of the Excalibur 36 record. Hope that’s okay.

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