Specs from Sailing Boats of the World. Edited by Rhonda BUDD © 1974

One of the earliest catamaran classes in Australia that is still racing to this day. (2012).
1 trapeze.
Spin. area: 175 sq. ft.
Sailplan updated in the mid-1990’s and FG construction adopted some time later.
Sail area:
-Main: 12.8 m² / 137.8 ft²
-Jib: 4.8 m² / 51.7 ft²
-Asymmetric spinnaker: 23 m² / 247.6 ft²

Drawing © Francois Chevalier 2012

Replaces the Happy Cat Ultralight.

Formerly called the Happy Cat Vision. Updated and renamed Evolution in 2015.

Available with a carbon mast option. Displacement: 79 kg / 174 lbs.