Optional daggerboards. Draft: 3.2 m / 10.5 ft.
Min draft with racing rudder: 1.9 m / 6.1 ft.
Full cruising displacement: 22,500 kg / 49,600 lbs.
Headroom hulls: 2.05 m / 6.7 ft.
Sail area for the performance rig: 162 m² / 1,745 ft²

Hydraulic operated swing keels.
Available with a carbon hull. Displacement: 11,500 kg/25,300 lbs.
Available with 2x 20kW / 27 hp electric motors.

Photo from early literature.

Gained attention after winning Royal Yachting Associations One-of a Kind Regatta of 1959?. (sailed by the designer and John Fisk). Solid bridgedeck? as with the Shark 20.
Probably one of the first cats from Sailcraft.
Dimensions are only our own estimates.
Reportedly some were built by Loflands in the USA.
An historically significant item and more information is sought.

AKA SUNBURNER 27 or similar?. Never went into production but a number of these were built by amateurs.

Folding system brings beam to 8.5′.

Mast height: 7.50 m/24.65′

Mast height: 8.12 m/26.65′ (2 piece mast available)

Designed to the newly formulated USYRU A Class catamaran rule.
Received attention for performance on the race course at the time and at least 5 were built. Replaced with the Hubbard designed A-LION.
More information has been promised.