LWL = 105 inch waterline length + 15 inch rudder gantry.
Centerline T-foil arrangement.

Sail Area:
Main: 17 sq m / 182.99 sq ft
Jib: 5 sq m / 53.82 sq ft
Code 0: 20 sq m / 215.28 sq ft
Appendages: Z boards and L rudders

Build details:
Mast, main boom, center tube, beams, daggerboards, rudders and tillers are all built out of solid carbon fibre Epoxy prepregs which are cured in an autoclave with 6 bars pressure and 120 degrees temperature.
The hulls are built out of carbon fibre Epoxy prepregs with a Nomex honeycomb core and cured under standard vacuum and 100 degrees temperature. All reinforcements and bulkheads are made out of solid carbon.

mainsail: 61 m2/657 sq.ft.
jib: 25 m2/269 sq.ft.
jib small: 12 m2/129 sq.ft.
code zero: 75 m2/ 807 sq.ft.

Development team: Alex Udin, Franck Cammas and Groupama sailing team
Hulls: Pre preg Carbon, Nomex sandwich
Mast: 9.6m / Tapered / Pre preg Carbon cured in autoclave
Appendages: T-foil rudders +L-shape foiling dagger boards – Pre preg Carbon cured in autoclave
Main sail: 18sqm with mast
Jib: 5.5sqm
Gennaker: 24sqm