Also available as a yawl.
Photo courtesy of Adam Hunt.

Sail area:
-Main 82 ft²
-Jib 24 ft²

LOD: 6.4 m / 21 ft
The first two were plywood construction.
#1 built by Colin Henwood, Henwood and Dean Boatbuilders.
#2 built by Dick Phillips, Willow Bay Boats.
Demon began building the GRP version in 2015.

Designed by John Winslow for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. In 1922 Winslow relocated to Seattle, bringing along a small fleet of Kittens to the Seattle Yacht Club. There, a slightly modified design was built by Blanchard Boat Co.
Today there are no known seaworthy Kittens. In 2008 an original Kitten hull was discovered in a shed on Vashon Island, WA. It is believed this hull was one of the first vessels used by the Seattle Yacht Club and built by the Blanchard Boat Company.
The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle recently (2020) built and launched a new Kitten Class boat from the original plans.

LOD: 7.35m / 24.11ft
Replaced the Maxus 24

LOD: 7.62m / 25ft
Also available with a daggerboard. Max draft: 1.6m / 5.25ft
Displacement: 2200kg / 4,850 lbs

LOD: 8.45m / 27.7ft.
Also available with a daggerboard. Max draft: 1.65m / 5.4ft

LOD: 7.2m / 23.62ft
Also available with a daggerboard. max draft: 1.47m / 4.82ft

LOD: 6.25m / 20.5ft
Available with either daggerboard or centerboard.