Sail area:
-Main: 13.4 m² / 144.24 ft²
-Genoa: 5.8 m² / 62.43 ft²

First built date is ca.
Sail area:
-Main: 50 sqft
-Jib: 30 sqft

First built is ca. 1975
Specs from an ad found on John Crawford Marine’s website: A great resource for information on trailer-sailers in Australia.

Displacement above = hull weight.
Sail area:
-Main: 7.15 m² / 77 ft²
-Jib: 3.06 m² / 33 ft²
-Genoa: 4.18 m² / 45 ft²
-Spinnaker: 6.5 m² / 70 ft²

Thanks to Tom Manuel for providing the information and a brochure.

Sail Area:
-Main: 18m² / 193.75f²
-Gennaker: 20m² / 215.28f²

also available in wood/epoxy
Sail area:
– Main: 51 ft²
– Jib (optional): 18 ft²

Optional sand bag ballast. Rules permitted throwing the bags overboard in light air.
The centerboard was movable but was discarded by many owners.
Information from an article in Sailing Craft edited by Edwin J. Schoettle © 1928 by the MacMillian Co.
Article by William Wood and Bennet C. McNulty.

John Claridge began building the boat in 2009. These became the Mk2.
A Mk3 version was introduced in 2018.