Available with cabin (shown above) or open deck models.

Also available in wood/epoxy.
Displacement above is lightship. Max load (person + gear + outboard) displacement: 495 kg / 1,091 lbs
The “Classic” is an upgraded version of the 17.5. Same hull. Upgrade includes a fully- battened mainsail with an innovative upwardly-curved rigid headboard instead of a gaff yard. Larger furling headsail and inboard rudder.
Sail area:
– Main: 110 ft² / 10.23 m²
– Jib: 50 ft² / 4.65 m²

Sail area:
Main: 8.4 m² / 90 ft²
Jib: 2.7 m² / 29 ft²
Asym: 11 m² / 118 ft²
Symmetric Spin: 10 m² / 107 ft²
Max crew weight: 365 kg / 805 lbs

Updated Maxus 33.

LOD: 9.45m / 31ft

Design #398. Development of design #135 called the Jamestown Class, and design #148 (see INDIAN).

Specs and images are from “John G. Alden and his Yacht Designs” by Robert W. Carrick and Richard Henderson. Copyright © 1983 International Marine ®, a division of McGraw-Hill, Inc.

A model in the VIKO Cruising line.
Additional 300 kg of water ballast.
Available with fixed keel.

From Nomad 20 Trailer Yacht Blog (http://nomad20traileryacht.blogspot.com/2009/09/more-nomad-history.html):

“The [Comet 20] original design was know as a Nomad 20 trailer sailer and was designed and built in Australia by two partners. They had a disagreement and split up. One went to Melbourne with the mould. He modified it by adding a cabin hatch, raising the cabin height, changing the bow shape and the interior mouldings. He started a boat sales yard under the name of Bardo Sales.”

Sail area:
Main – 108 sqft
jib – 60 sqft
Genoa – 90 sqft
Storm jib – 30 sqft
Spinnaker – 210 sqft
Ballast includes 230 lbs keel and 100 lbs of internal ballast.
Max outboard hp is 12.

Length including bow sprit: 7.7m / 25.25ft.
Optional 5-7hp inboard diesel