A lug rig became an option in 2012.
Total built = as of 2021.

Ray Greene’s version of the Sunfish.

Sloop or cat rigged.
Mast height above is above deck.

Displacement above = hull weight.
Sail area:
Main – 85 sqft
Jib – 20 sqft
Also available with lateen sail. SA = 75 sqft

SA above = Main + self-tacking jib.
Staysail SA = 13.5 sqm / 145.3 sqft
Yankee SA = 29 sqm / 312.15 sqft.

Hulls available in Sailing and rowing packages.

Saroca Corporation was originally located in Scarborough, ME.
1992 – New owners began producing the hull in thermoplastic.
2001 – Sold to new owners who moved the company to DeLand, FL. They stopped using thermoplastic.
2013 – One of the original owners purchased the assets and continues production on a limited basis to this day (2020)

The SAILFISH is the first boat built by Alcort Inc. Plywood construction, wood spars, and available as a kit.
In the beginning they were built in an unheated shed. After an article appeared in ‘Life’ magazine, they couldn’t keep up with orders and had to build a new factory.
The SUPER SAILFISH (1948?), also of wood, was slightly larger.
The SUPER SAILFISH MKII, (1949-1975) was the first fiberglass boat from Alcort.