We’re told the first boats were built in Aluminum in the Netherlands before a plug was made for fiberglass construction by Ta Yang in Taiwan.
Also available with a Peugeot 52 hp diesel.

Specification source: Sailboat Buyers’ Guide. Compiled and edited by Alan Chappell, © 1983 by Sea Shore Publications. 

Outboard well.
Also available with a swing keel:
– Draft: 0.6m – 1.05m
– Displacement: 1,400 kg
– Ballast: 275 kg

Specs compiled from various sites. Not confirmed.

Also available with ketch rig (see drawing above).

Also available with a cutter rig (see photo) although it is believed nearly all were masthead rigs.

LOA including protruding rudder: 6m / 19.68 ft.

A later ad from the builder (1982) shows slightly larger dimensions…
LOA: 5.05m / 16.56 ft
Beam: 2.17m / 7.12 ft

*Specs from French mag Bateaux. Originally reviewed in 1967. Specs not verified.

Sail area above is for main and jib.
Main: 35.2 sqm / 378.9 sqft
Jib: 23 sqm / 247.6 sqft
Genoa: 39.6 sqm / 426.25 sqft
Spinnaker: 89.5 sqm / 963.4 sqft

*Specs are compiled from various sites we believe accurate but need verification.

Also available with schooner, cat ketch and cat rigs.