The newest model is called the COM-PAC 23/IV. Same hull as previous models. Changes include interior modifications that allow for easier installation of instruments, radios, and shore power.

Originally called the Paine 15.

Changes in the I.O.R. resulted in a lead shoe being added to avoid a ratings penalty. The lead shoe added 45.45 kg / 100 lbs to the ballast
1988 saw the introduction of the inboard diesel. The engine adopted was the YANMAR 1GM 9 HP.
In 1990, 250 lbs of lead added to the outboard to standardize both inboard and outboard C.H.S. ratings. Class rules has increased this to 160 kg / 353.5 lb
Displacement listed above is minimum for the outboard option. Class minimum displacement for the inboard option is 2,410 kg / 5,313 lbs

Sail area:
-Main: 11m² / 118.4 ft²
-Jib: 9m² / 96.9 ft²
-Spinnaker: 30m² / 322.9 ft²

Rig Measurements are reported by the Swedish Sailing Association Technical Office.
They also report: draft: 0.9m; Displacement: 1180 kg; Ballast 400kg.

Thanks to former Finn Express 64 owner Mikko Honkanen for sending information on this boat.

AKA Mull 30.7
Originally designed as a one-off for the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. The design was recreated as the Belvedere 30 in fiberglass by local San Francisco boat builder and rigging specialist Hank Easom. The hull design continued with modernized cabin top configurations to become the Chico 30 built in New Zealand.
Specs above are based on the reported specs for the Chico 30.
Photo is of the original American Marine built boat.

Later built by Ton Cup Yachts (Cape Town)
Sail area:
-Main: 13.56 m² / 145.96 ft²
-Jib: 12.14 m² / 130.67 ft²

Rig dimensions are from a third party source and not verified.