Concept: Rodion Luka
Dual transom hung rudders
Hull length: 9.25m / 30.35ft.
Sail area:
– Main: 29.8m²
– #1 Jib: 22.7m²
– #2 Jib: 16m²
– #3 Jib: 13.5m²
– A2: 83m²
– Code 0: 55m²
Also available with a diesel engine.

Rig measurements above are from an ORC certificate.
Fin keel draft: 1.54m / 5.05ft (also from the ORC certificate)

Originally called the Seahorse, the named was changed in 1973 (hull #1000) to Sailhorse due to copyright issues.

Sail Area:
Main: 13.9 m²
Jib: 7.2 m²
Genoa: 10.8 m²
Spinnaker: 25.0 m²

The following is a list of builders and characteristics and from which construction number they built.
1970-1972: No. 1 to 349, Watersportcentrum De Woudfennen: manual
winch in front of the keel, keel more forward, not allowed to participate in competitions.
1973-1974: No. 350 t/m 998, Seahorse Jachtbouwmaatschappij:
handlay-up, thin rubber edge, keel spindle introduction, keel at current location.
1974-1975: No. 1001 to 1450, Sailhorse Yacht building company:
Bayer Depot system (foam), thick rubber edge keeps outer and inner mold together, thin outer skin (single mat plus gel coat).
1975-1977: No. 1450 to 2348, Cather Friesland:
Handlay-up (foam), thick bumper
1980-1989: Nr. 2349 t/m 2414, Jachtwerf Vlieger:
No foam but air boxes, no more rubber bumper
1990-2012: No. 2500 to 2595, Shipyard Gebr. De Kloet, hull built by Polybouw, Texel.
2012-present: No. 2600 and higher, Sailhorseshop / Baltic Windsport, hull built by Polybouw, Texel according to SSC specifications.
New inner and cover mould.

Based on the hull and rigging plan of the Sailhorse.

Based on the Comet 26.
Available with a bulb lifting keel (above specs), fixed keel or centerboard.
– draft BU 0.28m; BD 1.40 m
– ballast 350kg
– Disp 1300kg
Available with standard or high performance rig.
– High Performance rig SA = 28m²
LOA above is with bow sprit extended.

LOD: 25.42′
Rudder is retractable.
Towing weight is 6,000 lbs.
Optional Yanmar Diesel available.
Seaward boats are built at the Island Packet facility.

LOD: 32.33ft
Rudder is retractable
Towing Weight 10,000 lbs
Seaward Yachts
1979 Wild Acres Rd.
Largo, FL 33771