A development of the Peterson designed Blazer 23. Modified by Tom Stephenson.
Originally came with a fin w/bulb keel. Later builds had a deeper fin without the bulb.
Sail area:
-Main: 15.6 m² / 167.9 ft²
-Genoa: 12.4 m² / 133.5 ft²
-Spinnaker: 52 m² / 560 ft²

The lifting feel was redesigned in 2017.
The M24.5 FX is a fixed keel version. Draft: 1.35 m / 4.42 ft.

Available with a fixed keel with bulb called the M28.5 FX. Two drafts, either 1.45 m / 4.75 ft or 1.6 m / 5.25 ft.

DS = Day Sailer
Optional outboard motor, 8 hp
Optional electric motor 10 hp

DS = Day Sailer
A performance option is available with greater sail area. SA = 29 m² / 312 ft²

Concept: Rodion Luka
Dual transom hung rudders
Hull length: 9.25m / 30.35ft.
Sail area:
– Main: 29.8m²
– #1 Jib: 22.7m²
– #2 Jib: 16m²
– #3 Jib: 13.5m²
– A2: 83m²
– Code 0: 55m²
Also available with a diesel engine.

Rig measurements above are from an ORC certificate.
Fin keel draft: 1.54m / 5.05ft (also from the ORC certificate)

Originally called the Seahorse, the named was changed in 1973 (hull #1000) to Sailhorse due to copyright issues.

Sail Area:
Main: 13.9 m²
Jib: 7.2 m²
Genoa: 10.8 m²
Spinnaker: 25.0 m²

The following is a list of builders and characteristics and from which construction number they built.
1970-1972: No. 1 to 349, Watersportcentrum De Woudfennen: manual
winch in front of the keel, keel more forward, not allowed to participate in competitions.
1973-1974: No. 350 t/m 998, Seahorse Jachtbouwmaatschappij:
handlay-up, thin rubber edge, keel spindle introduction, keel at current location.
1974-1975: No. 1001 to 1450, Sailhorse Yacht building company:
Bayer Depot system (foam), thick rubber edge keeps outer and inner mold together, thin outer skin (single mat plus gel coat).
1975-1977: No. 1450 to 2348, Cather Friesland:
Handlay-up (foam), thick bumper
1980-1989: Nr. 2349 t/m 2414, Jachtwerf Vlieger:
No foam but air boxes, no more rubber bumper
1990-2012: No. 2500 to 2595, Shipyard Gebr. De Kloet, hull built by Polybouw, Texel.
2012-present: No. 2600 and higher, Sailhorseshop / Baltic Windsport, hull built by Polybouw, Texel according to SSC specifications.
New inner and cover mould.