Updated version of the Super Seal 27 (a MK 2 version of the Super Seal 26).
A subsequent updated version became the Parker 275 in 1990
Ballast: 1900 lbs cast slab + 300 lbs keel.
Outboard engine well. 7-10 hp. Available with optional Yanmar 1GM10 (9 hp) inboard.

Sail area:
-Main: 14.58 m² / 157 ft²
-#3 jib: 7.8 m² / 84 ft²
-Optional #1 jib: 16.72 m² / 180 ft²
-Optional #2 jib: 12.54 m² / 135 ft²
-Optional spinnaker: 35.3 m² / 380 ft²

Specs from an ad found on John Crawford Marine’s website: https://www.johncrawfordmarine.com.au/resources/trailer-sailer. A great resource for information on trailer-sailers in Australia.

Similar to the Condor 7.
Displacement above was reported by Klepper. Actual displacement is generally reported to be ca. 1,600 kg / 3,527 lbs. at 1,600kg…
SA/D = 17.89
Bal/ Disp = 23.14

Sail area:
Main: 9.5m²
Jib: 7.3m²
Genoa: 13.5m²
Spinnaker: 21.0m²

Sail area:
Main: 10.7m²
Jib: 8.0m²
Genoa: 10.5m²
Spinnaker: 21.0m²

Based on the Sailhorse.
Also called the Sailhorse Glider

Same as the Sportina 680.

Various keel options are available.

Design #0066

Available as a Daysailer (larger cockpit) or Weekender (more room below… two quarter berths, a V berth, an enclosed head and a midship galley).
Hull #1 was a Weekender and originally built as a one-off.
The photo above is of a Daysailer.
With hull #5, Hinckley changed to a Nanni 2.10 engine.
Also available with a fixed keel.