Available with a solent or cutter rig.
Hoyt Boom® equipped self-vanging jib.

Optional 25 – 50 hp engine.

LOD = 50ft
Specs from Sailboat Buyers’ Guide by Alan Chappell ©1983 Sea Shore Publications.


SP Cruiser MK II introduced in 2014. LOA listed at 43.58 ft. SA listed at 733 sqft.

Updated version of the Estero.
Also available with cutter rig.

Called the 370 through 2016, then the 379 2017-2019.
Earliest models, 2003-2007 list displacement as 21,000 lbs. Beginning in 2009, builder’s brochures list displacement (dry) as 23,800 lbs.

IP 485 renamed the IP 525.

IP 465 was renamed the 495.
Center cockpit version of the aft cockpit 460/490.

IP 460 was renamed the 490.
Aft cockpit version of the center cockpit 465/495.