Plans available through
75 built as of 1982.
Original plans called for 800 lbs cast iron ballast. Later plans have 1200 lbs lead plus additional 300 lbs ballast inside.

Specifications are from various sources and not confirmed.
Hull length = 8m / 26.25 ft
Drawing by Gunnar Hamré in 1979 courtesy of the Sjöhistoriska Museet which can be found here:
Photo credit unknown.
Thanks to Aernoudt Bottemanne for letting us know about this model and sending some information as well.

Designed in 1982 by Lyle Hess for molded fiberglass.
There where 6 or more built in South Africa before Bryan Gittins (Channel Cutter Yachts) bought the molds and the design and started building them in 2003.
Thanks to Bryan Gittins for information, specs and photo.

LOD: 34 ft
SA = 832 Sq feet working sail Main Jib Stays’l
Available with Gaff Head Cutter rig.
Interior builds are custom. Headroom varies depending on design. 5.92 – 6.42 ft

Prototype was “Yonne”.

Based on the earlier traditional Itchen Ferry.
Available in varying stages of completion.

Contact was:
G. Drummond-Bayne Ltd.
Willments Shipyard
Hazel Road
Woolston, Southamton

Thanks to Hennie Peeters of the Netherlands for providing information.
“the Itchen Ferry was originally a wooden gaff rigged cutter working boat, for fishing, ferrying etc. and build for a rough sea. They were built up to a length from 18 up to + 30 feet.”


Among the most popular of all the Fisher Motor Sailors with at least 300 built.
Based on the earlier FREEWARD 30.
A few boats without the pilot house and fixed windshield were called the CARIBBEAN 30.

Plans published in ‘The Rudder’, 1938?.
LFH design #71. (more details to follow.)

Built in Sweden until 1980 and some built later in Holland until 1990?.
It is thought that more than 200 were built.