Sail area:
– Main: 15m² / 161.5 ft²
– Genoa: 25m² / 269.1 ft²
– Jib: 17 m² / 183 ft²
– Storm jib: 6 m² / 64.6 ft²

Thanks to Semona 30 owner Akatius Koopa for providing information.

Deck saloon version of the Vancouver 34 Classic.

Sail area:
-Main: 243 ft² / 22.57 m²
-Yankee: 244 ft² / 22.67 m²
-Staysail: 103 ft² / 9.57 m²
-Genoa (optional): 435 ft² / 40.41 m²

Similar hull to the Fisher 30 but with a little more beam for more interior.
Sail area:
-Main: 13.93 m² / 150 ft²
-Jib: 11.61 m² / 125 ft²
-Mizzen: 5.11 m² / 55 ft²

Sail area:
-Main: 19.78 m² / 213 ft²
-Genoa; 30.5 m² / 328 ft²
Northshore took over production in 1981. A MkII arrangement was introduced in 1987.
One or two ketches were built.

LOD: 14 m / 45.67 ft
Sail area above includes:
-Main: 41.8 m² / 450 ft²
-Genoa: 69.67 m² / 750 ft²
-Mizzen: 12.54 m² / 135 ft²
Optional Staysail: 22.3 m² / 240 ft²

A Northshore development of the V32 providing a larger cockpit, wheel steering and an inboard rudder. The earlier V34Cs dragged their sterns until the move from iron to lead ballast as standard enabled the ballast to be positioned further forward, thus better balancing the additional weight at the stern (i.e. caused by the 2 ft extension).
From A History of Vancouver Yachts, 16 March 2011, by Nick Hiscock.

Sail area:
-Main: 221 ft² / 20.53 m²
-Jib: 240 ft² / 22.3 m²
-Staysail: 139 ft² / 12.9 m²
-Genoa (optional): 435 ft² / 40.41 m²
Also available with a Pilot House deck configuration.

The following is a brief history of Friendship Sloops by Betty Roberts, found on the Friendship Sloop Society website (
A beautiful gaff-rigged sloop developed around 1880 from the fishing and lobstering needs of the men of Muscongus Bay on the Maine coast. The original builders constructed sloops varying in length of 21′ – 50′. Probably the average length would be about 30′ – 40′. They all had an elliptical stern, and most of them a clipper bow, and were gaffed rigged.
The pre-set formula included such measurements as: the beam equaled one third the overall length, and the length of the mast should equal the length overall plus half the draft, etc.
In 1903 there were 22 sloops being built on the shores of Bremen Long Island alone.
Builders include: Carters, McLains, Collomores, Winchenbachs, Morses and others but Wilbur Morse’s name comes up as father of the Friendship Sloop due to the large number that came from his shop.
Wilbur’s mass production and his shop being located in Friendship, this great sloop acquired the name of the town he was building in.

The above Friendship 30 was one of the first Friendship Sloops made from fiberglass.
LOD: 30.5 ft
Engine options:
Volvo Penta MD2, 15.5 hp diesel
Osco 21, 21 hp diesel
Reported sail area above includes main, staysail and jib. Add main topsail and jib topsail. SA becomes 860 sqft.

Also available with a 15 hp engine.
Sail area:
-Main: 12 m² / 129.2 ft²
-Jib: 8 m² / 86.1 ft²
Optional sails:
-Genoa 1: 16 m² / 172.2 ft²
-Genoa 2: 12 m² / 129.2 ft²
-Spinnaker: 36 m² / 387.5 ft²