After 1980, some hulls were built with aluminum.
Sail area:
– Main: 28.8 m² / 310 ft²
– Genoa: 50.50 m² / 543.58 ft²
– Jib: 21.2 m² / 228.2 ft²
– Spinnaker 90.0 m² / 968.75 ft²

Double ender with 3/4 full keel.

Double ender with 3/4 full keel.
Thanks to “Jarv” for specs

Built in the Costa Mesa, CA Westsail factory for Safari Marine.
Thanks to former owner of Safari 37 hull #3, Kurt Kingston.

Design #293. Designed as a larger variation of the O boat (see ALDEN O CLASS) know as the Sun Class, this design was a keel development of the Sun (originally called the Wawabeek). Locally dubbed the Indian Class by owners at both the Pequot and Black Rock Yacht Clubs (Connecticut, USA). This class was discontinued after 4-6 years due in part to the reputation for sinking if swamped.
Main sail area: 200 sqft.

Specs and background are from the Alden Archives and from “John G. Alden and his Yacht Designs” by Robert W. Carrick and Richard Henderson. Copyright © 1983 International Marine ®, a division of McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Seacraft International (Philippines) was founded by Leonard LaPierre. The relationship (if any) between Seacraft International and Pacific Seacraft is unclear at this time.
Similar to the Pacific Seacraft 37.
Water: one, two and three tank options available. The above accommodation is for the two tank option.
Specs above are from a third party and not verified.

Also distributed by AB Telfa from Gothenburg, Sweden (as well as the “Sea Eagle II”). The name for the Scandinavian area was “Örnen”, for the English-speaking area “Eagle” and for the German-speaking “Admiral”.

Also called the Havsörnen I.
Three were delivered with Volvo Penta C23 gas fueled engines.