Thanks to “Ray” for sending the information on this boat.

Replica of the C.E. Nicholson designed J Class “Endeavour”
The prototype built in 1984 was wood and was used as a plug for the subsequent fiber glass hulls.
Design: hull – Norman Newell; interior and mechanics – John Watson and Evert DeKort
Wheel steering.
Six were imported into the US by Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard, Vineyard Haven, MA.
Thanks to Endeavour J owner Tim Judge for sending photos, articles and specs.

Alden design #68.
Write up appeared in ‘The Rudder’, Dec.,1916.

Many different builders and types of construction. Specs can vary with the manufacturer.
Available rigs: ketch, cutter or schooner
Rig measurements and mast height are from “Bluewater Cruisers” by David Bennett Laing, © 2017 by McGraw-Hill Education

It seems to have been a collaboration between Glas Laminates (a producer of spa’s, outhouses, etc.) and Joseph H. McGlasson. McGlasson, designer and builder of a 24′ wood sloop called the Catalina Islander approached Glas Laminates about producing a fiberglass version. Using one of these boats as a plug, Glas Laminates pulled a mold and the Islander 24 was born.
The raised deck Bahama version proved to be far more popular and this trunk cabin model was discontinued after a comparatively short run.
Thanks to former Islander 24 owner Randolph Van Esselstyn for providing photos and an original brochure.

Westerbeke Diesel was an option.
Available as cutter or yawl.
See Bristol 39.
BRISTOL 39 and 40 are nearly identical though dimensions differed slightly for all models.
Production (39) 1966-1970
Number built – 58
Production (40) 1970-1986
Number built – 149
KEEL/CB VERSION – Draft: BD: 7.83’/2.38m; BU: 4.0’/1.22m
I: 45.5′
J: 14.58′
P: 39.45′
E: 16.0′
PY: 18.16′
EY: 6.75′
Total SA: 707 sq.ft.

I: 45.5′
J: 17.5′
P: 39.45′
E: 15.8′
Total SA: 710 sq.ft.

Available also as a keel-centerboarder with a sloop or yawl rig.
Keel/CB version draft: BD- 9.3’/2.83m BU:- 3.8’/1.16m
Dimensions from builder literature. (1965)
Hull, deck cockpit and cabin top are fiberglass. Cabin trunk is mahogany.
Without the wood coach roof it’s called the TARTAN 37 (HOOD).
The HOOD 37, built by Little Harbor Yachts is based on this same design.

A Keel-Centerboard version was also available.

Rhodes Design #700.
Originally commissioned by US Yacht broker, George Walton and built in Denmark. They were sold under a number of names including DANBOAT 33 and ISL 33. Most boats were exported to the US and France. Gulf Marine in California bought the molds and also built about 10 hulls sold as the CABRRILLO 32.
I: 39.00’/11.89m
J: 10.80’/3.29m
P: 34.00’/10.36m
E: 13.50’/4.11m