Perennial single handed trainer of New Zealand.
Originally of wood planked construction.
Plywood introduced in 1956, Fiberglass in 1975, alu. spars in 1976.
Last contact:
P Class Registrar
PO Box 14352

Thanks to Sławomir Zalas for supplying information.
Optionally, the plans display the use of smaller lug rig.

The minnow is one of the most popular junior classes in Australia.
The class association states that it’s most suitable for children aged 8 to 13, or around 25 to 45 kg in weight
It was designed for the the home builder using plywood. Boats built in this manner are said to be evenly matched with newer fiberlass/foam sandwich ones. The Victorian association has a set of moulds in use but can also supply plans for a home-built boat.

For more information: Minnow Sailing Association of Victoria.

Larger version of the earlier SAN FRANCISCO PELICAN.
Kits and completed boats have been available from a number of builders.
Plans, building instructions, and other information:
Muriel Short
San Francisco Pelican Boats
203 Hawthorne Ave.
Larkspur, California, 94939,USA
Phone/Fax 415-924-0685
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Photo by Harry E. Mellin. Courtesy of Mark Mellin.
Originally offered finished or as kits.
Seen mostly in California, (USA).

Designed for the DIY builder or could be ordered from Bill Dodds Boats,SC, USA, for less than $400.
Captain Richard T. Miller, of the Ship Design Division, Bureau of Ships, U.S.N, was the designer. His plans sold for $10.
It received and endorsement by ‘Yachting’ editor, Bob Bavier and was included in ‘Sailboat Classes of North America’ of 1961, but it’s thought that fewer than 50 were built.

The CADET began as a collaboration between designer, Jack Holt, and E.W. Haylock, president of ‘Yachting World’ magazine as an inexpensive ‘youth’ trainer, just after the WWII.
Initially called YACHTING WORLD CADET.

Plans, building instructions, and other information:
Laurie Heidinger
San Francisco Pelican Boats

Sailed mostly on inland water of the eastern, USA.
Class association formed in 1947.
Status of the class as of 2009 is unknown.