Beam, folded: 3.90m/12.80′

Upwind sail area: main: 23m²; Jib: 7m²
Float length: 4.65m

Early boats had telescoping beams for trailering. Later boats used a ‘folding elbow’ assembly.
Aquadyne Boat Co. was located at:
519 Commerce Street
Largo, FL USA
A feature article on the company appeared in ‘Multihulls’ magazine in 1977.

Beam (folded): 8.16’/2.5m

Beam (folded): 2.44m / 8.0′

Plans ©1977 by Ian Farrier.
Beam (folded): 2.44m / 8.0′
Deck stepped mast length: 8m
Thanks to Tracey Campbell for sending a set of original plans and pics.

Beam folded: 7.83’/ 2.39m

The ARROWHEAD 24 is one of the earliest fiberglass production trimarans. The floats or ‘amas’ could be folded reducing beam to 7′ for trailering.

A trimaran of the signature Farrier folding type designed to be built of plywood by the amature builder.