Sail area:
– Main (Aluminum mast): 1,011.8 ft² / 94 m²
– Main (carbon mast): 1,097.92 ft² / 102 m²
– Staysail: 345 ft² / 32.05 m²
– Furling genoa: 764 ft² / 70.98 m²

Photo: Olivier Blanchet

Claimed to be the first fiberglass production multihull built in the US.
Ted Irwin’s only production multihull design.
Similar to Arthur Piver’s Victress 40 design, it has been said Irwin consulted with Charlie Morgan, Morgan Yachts, on this design and at the time, Arthur Piver was working for Morgan.
All interiors were custom built and vary from boat to boat.
Bruce Number: 1.16

SA = Main + furling Genoa
Photo © Olivier Blanchet / Neel Trimarans

Trimaran with no centerboard or daggerboard.
foot pedal steering
Weight (main hull): 70 lbs. / 31.8 kg
Max Draft (Rudder Up):.5′ / .15 m
Capacity: 250 lbs. / 114 kg

Beam on trailer: 8.5′
Trimaran w/fixed keel.

Trimaran w/fixed keel.
Carbon spar.