An enlarged version of the SILHOUETTE MKI. Ballast is carried in the central keel.
Was also available with GRP hull through Aquaboats.

The first Ian Anderson design for Hurley Marine.

4 keel options were available; fin, centreboard, bilge and triple keel. Most boats have the triple keels.

Fin or triple keel models.
Triple keel has cast Iron keel with steel plate fins.
Fin keel draft: 3.5′
Offered with a number of aux. power options.(gas or diesel)
Nearly the same is the earlier CRYSTAL 23.
Thanks to Halcyon 23 owner Rod Emberton for corrections and additional information.

Designed for amateur builder of plywood construction though the majority have been professionally built.
New version with fiberglass hull introduced in 1978.
Updated version with cutter rig from Golden Hind Marine (GOLDEN HIND 31 MKII) (1992).