Side by side, ballasted centerboards for ease of launching from a trailer.
Originally built of plywood (12 hulls), later adapted for fiberglass.

Raised deck trailer sailor from Australia.
Twin galvanized steel centerboards.

Later version of the MARINER 17 or SKIPPER MARINER.

Based on the earlier SKIPPER 17 with cuddy cabin added Also called SKIPPER MARINER.
Spin. SA: 180 sq. ft. This version featured twin centerboards.
A later version was the EAGLE 525.

Also called LS-16. Twin centerboards. Spin: 164 sq.

Lone Star Boats was located at:
1001 Inustrial Ave.
Plano TX (USA)
The company was purchased by Chrysler Marine in 1965.

Originally built by Herreshoff Manufacturing.
Features twin, side by side, centerboards.

Twin centerboards, retractable rudder and narrow beam made this one of the earliest ‘trailerable’ cruising yachts of this size. The ‘hot molded’ construction method had been developed by the builder for the WWII Swordfish torpedo plane. George O’Day was, at the time, the US agent for Fairey Marine, and some were said to have been imported to the US. (We have yet to see one in the US)
Today the ATALANTA is regarded, as a rare classic with a large percentage of the original boats still sailing.