Three models:
Family – Main sail area: 8.8 m² / 94.72 ft²; jib sail area. 3.7 m² / 39.82 ft²
Fun – Main sail area: 8.8 m² / 94.72 ft²; Genoa sail area: 5.5m² / 59.2 ft²
Regatta – Main sail area: 8.8 m² / 94.72 ft²; Genoa sail area: 5.5m² / 59.2 ft²; Spinnaker sail area: 15 m² / 161.46 ft²

Photo above is of a “Fun.”

Launched in 1969 with a wood rig. Went into production in 1970. First model was called the “Tourist” built by VEB Yachtwerft in Berlin, Germany.
1973 saw the first aluminum rig.
1996 BTM Marine became the licensed builder.
To date (2023) over 5,500 have been built.

Mast height is 19 ft above the deck.
Standard hatch dodger with privacy panels.
Rig dimensions are from a PHRF certificate.

Introduced in December 2010.

Displacement above is “light.”

Mainsail area: 128m²/1378 sq.ft. (square-headed version)
Genoa: 82m²/883 sq.ft.
Staysail: 45m²/484 sq.ft.
Gennaker: 155m²/1668 sq.ft.

A dinghy a number of unique features including twin (side by side) daggerboards or centerboards.The first version was of plywood construction (S6). with vertically retractable lee boards.
Somewhat later, a FG version (S6R) with folding/pivoting lee boards.
Alternate cat rig, (mast in forward position) SA=8.5m2/91 sq.ft.

Originally built by Red Fox Yachts. The first production boat in GRP was launched in 1992.
By far the most common version is the Red Fox 200 and the later 200E.
Also available are the 200S sports day sailer and the 200 cruiser which has slightly more room below.
A bilge keel versions was the RED FOX 200T.
Pictured here is the 200E.
Later built by Hunter Boats Ltd. (UK) as the HUNTER 20 FOX.