Plans available through
75 built as of 1982.
Original plans called for 800 lbs cast iron ballast. Later plans have 1200 lbs lead plus additional 300 lbs ballast inside.

Optional 25 – 50 hp engine.

LOD = 50ft
Specs from Sailboat Buyers’ Guide by Alan Chappell ©1983 Sea Shore Publications.

Also sold as MORGAN 60.

A unique feature of this pilot house version of the FREEDOM 39 is the free standing schooner rig.
EY an PY describe forward mast/triangle.
Thanks to ‘Lazy Jacques’ for corrections.

The first 32 LAZYJACK’s were built by Ted Hermann in LI, NY (USA). Of these, a number were sold in kit form.

Based on the MORGAN 60. Built for the Florida based bare-boat charter company.

The SEAWANHAKA SCHOONERs were commissioned by members of the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club of Oyster Harbor, Long Island, NY and the New York Yacht Club in 1925. Of the 16 built, there is at least one left sailing at last report. (2013)

A versions of this design was also sold as MOORINGS 60.

Was also available as a FG production boat.