Replaces the Hunter 240 and 260 which were water ballast boats.
Shoal keel.
Photo courtesy Adam Hunt.

Similar to HUNTER 380
Disp: 15595 lbs./7080 kgs.
Bal: 5495 lbs. /5495 kgs.
HUNTER 376, 380, 386 share the same hull.

Hull Length: 38.67’/11.76m
Shoal Draft (wing keel): 5’/1.52 m)
Ballast-Shoal: 6612 lb./2999 kg
P(Furling): 50.67’/15.46m
E(Furling): 19.5’/5.95m

DS = Deck Salon.
AC = Aft cockpit introduced in 2004.

Replaces, though similar to, the thermoplastic HUNTER 216. This is a complete redesign of the original Hunter 22 launched in 1981.
Called the Marlow-Hunter 22 (after 2012).

Also available with shoal draft wing keel.
Shortly after it’s introduction, it was renamed the Hunter 33.5

Similar to the HUNTER 430 (1995).

Dimensions above are with shoal draft and furling mast.
Also available with deep draft keel: 5.5’/1.67m
Deep draft ballast: 3455 lbs./ 1569 kg
Standard rig…
Mast height: 46.58’/ 14.20m
SA: 625 sq ft / 58.1 sq m
P = 36.42′ / 11.10m
E = 13.83′ / 4.22m
Optional 29hp engine

An updated version was introduced in 2012 Also referred to as the E33. Same hull and rig. Larger cockpit, deck layout changed plus a swim platform was added. Displacement = 12,400 lbs / 5624 kg

Thanks to Adam Hunt for the photo of the H33-2.

“Legends” were the European versions of Hunter Marine (USA). So named to avoid confusion with boats built by British Hunter.
Specs above are for the Shoal draft version
Draft for Bilge (and Shoal) keel: 1.52 m/ 5 ft.
Deep keel draft: 2.08 m /6.82 ft.
Bilge draft ballast: 2,645 kg / 5,831 lbs.
Deep draft ballast: 2,283 kg / 5,033 lbs.
Thanks to David Cook for providing information on this yacht.
Photo courtesy of Adam Hunt.

Shallow Draft (Bulb-Wing) 5.5’/1.68 m
Displacement (Bulb-Wing) 26000 lb/11794 kg
Ballast (Bulb-Wing) 9500 lb/4309 kg
Std. layout shown here.