Based on the John Barnett designed Butterfly to race with other 12 foot scow classes. Later built by Hydrostream Boats, who produced it under the model name FOX.

Specs from Sailing Boats of the World. Edited by Rhonda BUDD © 1974

Vashon Boat Works was located in Vashon, WA, USA

Vashon Boat Works was located in Vashon, WA, USA

Ed Hoppen produced a couple hundred at the EDDON Boat Yard in the early 1960s. He then licensed production to Ranger Boats in the mid-1960’s.
Rich Passage Boats, Olympia, WA. USA built the Minto from 2005-2012.

Available with a smaller 5.8m² / 62.43 ft² sail.

Spinnaker SA: 11.1 sqm / 119.48 sqft

Also available with sliding gunter and lateen rigs.
Specs above are from “Sailing Boats of the World”, ©1974 by Rhonda Budd.
Many websites list the following specs:
LOA 9.16
Beam 4.33
Displacement: 125 lbs.

Originally built by America Cruising Yacht Corp. and called the AmeriCat 3014. America Cruising soon went out of business. Symons sold the molds to Hutchins.
Also called the Symons 30.
Thank you to Rodrigo LEQUERICA for sending information and a brochure.

LWL = 105 inch waterline length + 15 inch rudder gantry.
Centerline T-foil arrangement.