Same hull with a lateen rig was called the Mach II.

Also available with gaff rig.
Ballast: 300 lbs lead, 185 lbs steel centerboard.
Optional 8 hp Yanmar diesel.

Originally built of wood with canvas covered decks.

Rudder depth – 3.5′

Transom arrangement for outboard up to 10 hp.
Thanks to Bill Hooper for providing all information about this yacht.

Open decked single handed trainer from Elvstrom. It is known that a few hundred were sold in the US when first introduced but the class never seems to have caught on.
Flotation tanks were affixed amidships on the outside of the hull.

Perennial single handed trainer of New Zealand.
Originally of wood planked construction.
Plywood introduced in 1956, Fiberglass in 1975, alu. spars in 1976.
Last contact:
P Class Registrar
PO Box 14352

From orig. builders flyer.

The minnow is one of the most popular junior classes in Australia.
The class association states that it’s most suitable for children aged 8 to 13, or around 25 to 45 kg in weight
It was designed for the the home builder using plywood. Boats built in this manner are said to be evenly matched with newer fiberlass/foam sandwich ones. The Victorian association has a set of moulds in use but can also supply plans for a home-built boat.

For more information: Minnow Sailing Association of Victoria.

Lifting keel is aluminum plate with lead bulb, which can also be adjusted forward and aft inside a trunk.
Seen mostly in Germany.