Sail Area:
-Main: 18m² / 193.75f²
-Gennaker: 20m² / 215.28f²

Low Aspect Ratio keels

Carbon spars
Mast length 34.4′
Twin trapezes

Sail Area:
Spinnaker type: Assymmetrical spinnaker on bowsprit
Upwind sail area 237 sq.ft.
Downwind sail area 474 sq.ft.
Mainsail area 237 sq.ft.
Spinnaker area 237 sq.ft.

The HOBIE 3.5 is based on the HOBIE 14 but designed for kids weighing less than 140 lbs. The hulls appear to be the same as the HOBIE 14, with other parts shared with the MONOCAT 12, including rudders, mast and mast step. The boat had wooden rudders with a different rudder casting locking system. It was also considerably narrower which, in theory, allowed easier righting after a capsize.

Originally called ROLAND 36.
The NACRA 36 was actually the first boat created with the North American Catamaran Racing Association (NACRA) in mind. A one-design fleet was intended.
When interest proved to be less than hoped for, a scaled down version was developed. (NACRA 5.2)
The NACRA 36 wa significantly re-designed in the mid-1990’s for production in Australia.
Thanks to Bob Hoffman for additional information.

High performance single handed catamaran w/trapeze and assym spin.(Area: 10 m²)
Larger spinnaker kit available for SHADAOW X.(2010).

Beam incl racks/side wings 8.35m/27.42′
Sail area: Mainsail 52m2/560ft2
Gennaker 61m2/657ft2
Mast height 16.8m/55ft 1in
Chosen for the World Match Racing Tour.

An early ‘A’ class single hander. (Photo promised.)

As of 2012, being manufactured by FASTERBOATS of Canada.
Sailplan with jib is optional.
First introduced with under the hull rudder system.
This seems to have been abandoned in a MkII version (with sloop rig).