Sail area:
-Main 82 ft²
-Jib 24 ft²

Performance main option: sail area – 7.5m²
Asymmetric Spinnaker sail area: 7m²

Available with four different rigs:
UNO +: SA above.
Race +: SA = 8.68 sqm. Main – 6.93 sqm; jib – 1.75 sqm.
Uno Race X: SA = 8.68 sqm. plus spinnaker @ 8.41 sqm.
Tres X: SA = 8.74 sqm. Main – 6.62 sqm; jib – 2.13 sqm; spinnaker 8.41 sqm.

Photo courtesy Adam Hunt.

Also called FREEDOM INDEPENDENCE 20. Designed specifically for mobility impaired sailors.
Equipped with 2 pivoting, counter weighted seats that can be moved from side to side while tacking or jibing.
900 lbs. of ballast provides extra stability.
Initially built by Freedom/Pearson Yachts, and later offered by Catalina Yachts.
The AERO 20 (CATALINA) shares the same hull.

Beam folded:2.5m/8.16′

Designed for single and double handed sailing.
Also available is the LASER PICO RACE (shown in photo), an upgraded version of the LASER PICO.
It features a larger Mylar mainsail, a vang with 4:1 purchase and upgraded blocks.

Extended (at stern) version of the FREEDOM 42.
Center cockpit version was also available.

Self tacking jib on furler. Asym. on articulating sprit.
The number built is unknown but not a big seller.

Free-standing fractional sloop with self-tending ‘Beirig’ jib.
Wing keel version:
Draft: 5.16’/1.57m
Disp. 23762 lbs./10778 kg.
Bal. 9749 lbs./4422 kg.