also available in wood/epoxy
Sail area:
– Main: 51 ft²
– Jib (optional): 18 ft²

Optional sand bag ballast. Rules permitted throwing the bags overboard in light air.
The centerboard was movable but was discarded by many owners.
Information from an article in Sailing Craft edited by Edwin J. Schoettle © 1928 by the MacMillian Co.
Article by William Wood and Bennet C. McNulty.

Designed by John Winslow for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. In 1922 Winslow relocated to Seattle, bringing along a small fleet of Kittens to the Seattle Yacht Club. There, a slightly modified design was built by Blanchard Boat Co.
Today there are no known seaworthy Kittens. In 2008 an original Kitten hull was discovered in a shed on Vashon Island, WA. It is believed this hull was one of the first vessels used by the Seattle Yacht Club and built by the Blanchard Boat Company.
The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle recently (2020) built and launched a new Kitten Class boat from the original plans.

Seezunge = the german word for “Sole.”
Also available in GRP.
Also available with a Bermuda rig.

Seezunge = the german word for “Sole.”
Also available in wood.
Also available with a Bermuda rig.

Originally built by Menger Boat Works (1990 – 2004) and called the MENGER CAT 23

Inboard Diesel engine available as an option.
Originally the MENGER CAT 19.

Originally the MENGER CAT 15. Also advertised as the MENGER CAT DAYSAILER.

Originally available with Marconi rig option.
Molds later purchased by Cape Cod Shipbuilding and renamed Cape Cod Cat

Outboard up to 6hp.