Some have Bermuda rigs.
Also built as a launch.

It is said that the design for the Pilot Class was inspired by the New York pilot schooner “George Steers,” named after its designer. Steers was the designer of “America,” winner of the first America’s Cup.
Also built with a Marconi or Schooner rig.
Marconi cutter sail area: 380 ft²
Schooner sail area: 384 ft²
First built is ca. 1935
Photo above is of the Marconi rigged “Indian” built in 1939
Thanks to Jeff Halpern, former “Indian” owner, for sending images and historical information.

LOA including bowsprit (which is on a hinge and can be raised to save length in a marina) : 10m / 32.75ft

LOA including retractable bow sprit: 8.6m / 28.25ft

Replaces the Cornish Yawl.
Available with a Bermudan rig. SA = 386 sqft / 35.8 sqm
LOA above is the LOD.
LOA with retractable bow sprit extended is 30.5 ft / 9.29m
Also available with a Yanmar 2GM 18hp diesel.

This is the 800 Cutter with a self steering system utilizing four centerboards plus an additional 50 kg / 110 lbs displacement.

Also available with schooner, cat ketch and cat rigs.

Prototype was “Yonne”.

41′ w/bowsprit.
Plywood deck. Details vary.

At least 2 of the original boats have survived into the 21st century.