Design #41. Commissioned by the Clyde Corinthians Sailing Club.
One survives into the 21st century.

The Solent One-Design was one of the earliest one design classes in Britain. Formed under the auspices of the Solent Sailing Club it was popular for many years (at least until 1905), and was patronized by the best known yachtsman around the the Solent, Portsmouth and Southampton waters.
LOA w/bowsprit = 41.5’/12.65m.
At least 2 have survived into the 21st century. (2010)

The first and largest of the Herreshoff designed New York Yacht Club one-designs. They were lightly built and it is said that re-bracing was necessary after the first season. For handicap racing they became obsolete with adoption of the Universal Rule in 1903. All were scrapped after a very few years.
Actual names were:
Mineola, Rainbow, Virginia, Yankee (owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt).
Visible in photo is ‘Virginia’.

As of 2010 there were at least 3 of these yachts that have been restored.

‘Spartan’, thought to be the only surviving NEW YORK YC 50, was completely restored in 2010.

Originated with members of the Royal Minister Yacht Club. A few have lived into the 21st century.

LOD = 5.8m / 19.03 ft.
Ballast includes 300 kg lead and 100 kg centerplate.
The molds were sold to Nick Scroggs owner of Cape Cutter Marine, in 2018.